Celebrating Creative Women

journalfiddy3 was created in honor of my mother, Lois, who was one of the most creative women I’ve ever known. An online presence spontaneously burst forth in various incarnations for several years, but really started coalescing during the Covid years.

A quick story. Maybe this magazine really started brewing when, about 10 years ago, I was in a car with a friend bemoaning the cloak of invisibility that women over 50 seem to be forced to wear with no one bothering to ask our opinion or request permission to throw it over us. Anyhow, my friend and I were on our way to a party and had to stop at a little grocery store. When I reached the 20-30-ish male checker, I asked him a question. I don’t remember the question. I do remember that he didn’t answer. I asked the question again. When he still didn’t answer, I said it a little louder, thinking maybe that would work. Still, no answer. My friend was next in line. She’s an attractive woman about 15 years younger than I am. She spoke up and asked my question. He immediately answered. On our way out the door I said, “See what I mean about becoming invisible?” She was aghast. The whole event probably traumatized her as she caught a glimpse into her own future. At that time, I decided that while invisibility might be useful if I wanted to be a burglar, it isn’t conducive to being any kind of an artist. The idea was born.

The purpose of journalfiddy3 is to promote the creative work of women who can’t keep from writing, singing, sculpting, painting, acting, or creating in any art form; those who must respond to their persistent muses.

The goal is to provide exposure, online workshops, Wise Woman discussions and other support for women over the age of 53 who deserve to be celebrated.

“We hear you. We see you. You are suis generis!”      

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